GAIA 222Connect-Litz PRICE LIST (PDF document)

Updated December 2018

Cable geometry: Twisted Pair

Conductor Type/Geometry: LITZ (Gaia Pure OCC silver -Teflon Litz)

Conductor size: 22AWG

Dielectric/Insulation: Multilayered solid & medium density Teflon (PTFE) and air.

Shields: 2 x overlapping silver plated OFC copper braids..

Outer Insulation/sleeving: PTFE Teflon, flexible silicone and soft multifilament braided sleeve

Diameter - 8mm including outer sleeve (7mm at connector ends).


Available in RCA, XLR, TRS 6.3mm& DIN configurations

Y.Tome Pure OCC Silver cables Gaia 222 Connect-Litz

Y.Tome Pure OCC Silver cables Gaia 222 Connect-Litz

Y.Tome Pure OCC Silver cables Gaia 222 Connect-Litz

Y.Tome Pure OCC Silver cables Gaia 222 Connect-Litz

Y.Tome Pure OCC Silver cables Gaia 222 Connect-Litz

Y.Tome Pure OCC Silver cables Gaia 222 Connect-Litz

Y.Tome Pure OCC Silver cables Gaia 222 Connect-Litz

Y.Tome Pure OCC Silver cables Gaia 222 Connect-Litz

Y.Tome Pure OCC Silver cables Gaia 222 Connect-Litz

The GAIA  222Connect-Litz is one of our most advanced interconnect cable designs.  They can replace any hi-end cable at any price and show straight away what more your system is capable to deliver. They are the product of extensive designing and experimentation and every single aspect of their construction is very carefully thought of and executed.

From our unique Gaia Litz conductors formed by ultra pure continuous casting silver (OCC) to the low dielectric involvement insulation and the high density, dual silver plated OFC copper shielding, these cables are so methodically built that one can hardly believe that they are entirely handmade. Their finish is one of the final touches to some of the best cables one can possibly have.

The 222Connect-Litz is a shielded twisted pair cable. It features 2x 22AWG litz, signal conductors twisted around  two PTFE tubes. The use of the tubes as part of the bedding insulation allows us to adjust the proximity of the conductors and control the capacitive and inductive characteristics of the cable while permitting the embodiment of larger conductors that those used on the 223.5Connect-Litz.

The 222Connect-Litz is a “line level” cable suitable for both balanced and unbalance applications.

As with all of our cables of the Gaia series, each conductor consists of individually Teflon insulated strands that act as independent transmission lines. The process of creating these Litz conductors is extremely time consuming and complex and should not be confused with the Litz braiding of solid silver cables.

Our exclusive Gaia Litz conductors are a significant improvement over solid, stranded or traditional Litz designs that are available in the industry. The OCC silver strands used for their construction are made of one of the purest silver and have practically no crystal boundaries. In order form these Litz type conductors, the solid PTFE (primary insulation) is manually extruded over each of the strands to reduce its thickness and produce a fine, airtight layer on the surface of the metal. Unlike any other litz wire, no extreme temperatures are involved and no inferior, added substrates are applied on the bare surface. The entire process is mechanical. The insulated strands are then helically wound and encased in an outer secondary layer of lower density of PTFE insulation to form a single conductor. The tight primary insulation prevents any interaction and movement of the wires, maintains a fixed proximity among all the strands of the same conductor and create an outstanding level of dielectric with much lower involvement than any coated Litz wire currently produced. The result is a very neutral sound in all frequencies without colourization and footprints. In addition to the above, the Gaia conductors have outstanding mechanical characteristics both in terms of flexibility and strength. They eliminate any direct strand interaction and they prevent surface corrosion and mechanical wear. Their embodiments have excellent conductor resistance and inductance to cable capacitance ratios.

The twisted pair conductors are encased in two additional layers of low density PTFE bedding insulation before we apply the shielding. The 222Connect-Litz features two high density, overlapping silver plated OFC copper braided shields. This dual shielding layer is more than sufficient to prevent EMI and RFI to affect the signal. It offers and extremely high optical coverage (inner shield :98% and outer shield: 97%) which is very rarely achieved in consumer audio cables and adequate skin depth to deal effectively with lower frequencies.

The outer protection of the cable aims at a good electrical insulation with suitable mechanical properties (i.e. strength, flexibility, vibration absorbency etc). In order to achieve this, we use three protecting layers above the shielding: Between the shield and the cable jacket there is a tightly wrapped layer of Teflon insulation sealing the internal structure and offering a barrier of low dielectric involvement minimising the environmental impact. The cable jacket is made by an extremely flexible silicone compound and offers enhanced protection to the cable. Finally the cable is finished with a dense multi-filament braided sleeve (extremely flexible with a soft, fabric-like texture).

The sonic result is simply amazing. A fast and transparent cable. Open but not edgy with natural upper bass extension, rich midrange and detailed layering. It is a truly neutral cable and casts a beautiful three   dimensionality to the soundstage. It will not increase bass or mask detail. Wide open and natural with a magnificent sense of space.

Despite the density of the cable assembly, its size and thick braided shields, all the parts are aligned and packed with high precision to produce an extremely flexible and surprisingly lightweight cable (subject of course to connectors that are used on it).

The cable has a diameter of 7mm. The portion covered by the outer braided sleeve has an overall diameter of approx 9mm.


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