FLEX version

Cable geometry: Star-Quad

Conductor Type/Geometry: LITZ (Gaia Pure OCC silver-Teflon Litz)

Conductor size: 24AWG

Dielectric/Insulation: Multilayered Solid & medium density Teflon (PTFE)

Shield: Silver plated OFC copper braid (98% optical coverage)

Cable jacket: Flexible silicone & PVC compound

Outer braided sleeve: Viablue

Main body diameter: 7mm (including outer sleeve)

Neck diameter: 6mm

Tails diameter: 6mm

GAIA 423.5Phono-Litz - All versions PRICE LIST (PDF document)

Updated Dec. 2018

The main structure of 423.5Phono-Litz “Flex” is identical to the standard version (423.5Phono-Litz) and the cable has the same electrical characteristics and it delivers the same sonic performance. So for a full cable description please reffer to the 423.5Phono-Litz page.

We constantly try to improve our cable designs in every possible way. We have created this more flexible version specifically for tonearms with less comfortable access points and for suspended turntables that require added flexibility and minimal mechanical feedback. By making any changes to the internal structure that would affect the proximity, size and dielectrics, we would cause significant changes to the electrical characteristics and sonic performance of the cable. We certainly did not want to do this; neither reduce the efficiency of the shielding by using braids with lower density and coverage. So any changes had to take place on the outside of the cable. After testing various types of outer insulation we ended up with a custom made, premium type of silicone that would meet all of our specifications without any compromise. The outer dielectric layers were rearranged accordingly and by customizing the outer part of the design not only we managed to largely increase the flexibility of the cable but also to further enhance elements like vibration absorption.

Tonearm 5-pin DIN options:




1877phono tad88


1877phono Tad carbon

1877Phono TAD-1 Classic

1877Phono TAD-1 Gold

1877Phono TAD-2 (angled)

1877Phono TAD-88

1877Phono TAD-Carbon



Furutech FP-DIN

Furutech FP-DIN-L

Furutech CF-DIN-R

RCA options:

Rhodium plated Tellurium copper locking  RCAs with carbon fiber layering

Starline Tellurium Copper RCA plugs (rhodium plated)

KLE Innovations Copper Harmony RCAs

XLR options:

KLE Innovations Pure Harmony RCAs

WBT0114Cu Nextgen RCAs

WBT0110Ag Nextgen RCAs

  Neutrik NC3MXX   (B & BAG versions)

Silver plated phosphor bronze OEM XLR connector, aluminium body

Rhodium plated Tellurium copper, hollow pins &carbon fiber housing.

Custom, Pure Silver XLR connector, aluminium body


We have chosen to make our cables available with a variety of connectors/plugs. The reason we have done so is because we want the customer to have the option to choose what is best for his/her needs and his/her budget. We do not suggest that one should go for the most expensive combo of connectors he/she can afford. Prices are determined by the market and are not necessarily representative of performance and quality. The options we have selected are what we believe is the best available in their price range and matched to our cable designs.

Keep in mind that often some of the top connectors come at such high prices that are hardly justified by the potential advantage in performance. Connectors are evaluated based on their design, build quality, materials, price and performance. We are more than happy to offer our honest opinion on specific brands/types and we will consider using other connectors of your choice whenever this is suitable and possible.

For more tonearm connector options as well as other destination connector options (i.e. BNC, TRS, DIN & mini XLR) please get in touch.

For any further information on our cables please feel free to send us an email at info@back-promo.co.uk

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