Material: Pure OCC silver

Conductor Geometry/Type: Solid

Effective conductor size: 25AWG

Cable geometry: Quad round Litz braid

Dielectric/Insulation: Air & PTFE (Teflon)

Dual Shield: Two overlapping silver plated copper braids (98% coverage each).

Outer Insulation/Jacket: PTFE Teflon, flexible halogen free PVC jacket and silver/grey soft multifilament braided sleeve

CLIO 428Connect - All versions PRICE LIST (PDF document)

Last update: December 2018

The 428connect is a double shielded, pure solid OCC silver interconnect cable. Despite its moderate price the cable is crisp, detailed and spacious, but also maintains substantial body and unlike many pure silver cables it does not come across as  thin or lacking bass. This low capacitance cable employs the best combination of dielectrics, conductor materials and geometries in order to achieve what many, a lot more expensive cables fail to deliver.

The 428Connect is a double shielded cable. Two dense, overlapping silver plated OFC copper braids/shields are used to ensure  excellent protection and immunity to EMI and RFI. The cable is finished with a silver grey multi-filament braided sleeve (an extremely soft and flexible braid with excellent vibration absorbency qualities and silky texture).

he 428connect is one of our first, pure solid silver cable designs. The very basic  original design has gradually evolved to a complex architecture. The combination of a truly audiophile performance and low price has kept this cable in place since it first appeared.

Each channel features 4 solid, ultra pure (5N) OCC Silver conductors individually threaded in oversized Teflon tubes and braided in a round  Litz. These  single Crystal 28 AWG OCC Silver conductors are made of some of the  purest available silver wire and have practically no  crystal boundaries and a perfect grain structure. The oversized Teflon tubes create an air/Teflon insulation  with very low dielectric impact  on the sonic performance of the cable.

The design features a four core braid. The number, size and spacing of the conductors creates the desired effective (combined) gauge and capacitance values. We have avoided the detrimental effect that multiple core Litz braids have on the cable parameters due to the high intimacy of the conductors.

The braided tubes are encased in PTFE and shielded accordingly. The entire assembly is then covered with with three  outer layers. A layer of  Teflon is applied onto the shield and then the cable is sleeved in a  flexible PVC jacket. Finally the whole assembly is dressed in a flexible braided sleeve. While the internal insulation  used for this cable (air-Teflon) ensures a very low dielectric impact,  the layers applied over the shield have different priorities. They offer good electrical insulation and suitable mechanical properties (i.e.   strength, flexibility, vibration absorbency and overall protection to the assembly).

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