(428Phono RCA-RCA version)

Cable geometry: 4-core round LITZ

Conductor Geometry: Solid

Conductor size: 28AWG

Dielectric/Insulation: Air-Teflon

Shield: silver plated copper braid

Outer Insulation/Jacket: PTFE Teflon, flexible silicone & PVC compound jacket and silver/grey soft multifilament braided sleeve

CLIO 428Phono - All versions PRICE LIST (PDF document)

Updated Dec 2018

The 428phono is a low capacitance tonearm cable (30pF/m) for high-end analogue reproduction. It is a flexible and lightweight pure solid silver Litz cable suitable for all the types of turntables. Despite its outstanding performance and the high quality materials it employs, it represents an  excellent value for money option. The 428Phono is built around the popular and effective approach of solid silver cores being placed in oversized Teflon tubes and braided in a LITZ geometry. However, we have  significantly expanded on this approach in order to deliver a professionally made, truly hi-end cable.

The heart of this cable are the solid, ultra pure (minimum 99.9997%) Silver conductors. It consists of 4 evenly matched solid cores of OCC Single Crystal Silver individually sleeved in oversized Teflon tubes (achieving an air/Teflon dielectric). Then, they are braided  into a round true LITZ geometry and encased in PTFE before the whole bundle is threaded in silver plated OFC copper braided shield for full coverage against stray signal interference.

The high density and coverage (98%) of our silver plated OFC copper shields ensures an extremely effective protection against EMI and RFI. The shield of the cable does not interfere at all with the signal path and works as a Faraday cage  preventing any interference from reaching the conductors and draining any noise that it picks up to the ground. The use of additional layers of Teflon on top of the tubes creates another level of bedding insulation with  low dielectric involvement and excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics while adding the necessary spacing between the  conductors and the shield. At the same time the tight Teflon insulation is essential in order to prevent the tubes from moving and for absorbing vibrations.

The outer protection of the cable aims at creating a good electrical insulation with suitable mechanical properties (i.e. strength, flexibility, vibration absorbency etc) but also at isolating the conducting parts of the cable by any environmental impact. To achieve such a thing our cables use three protecting layers above the shielding:  Teflon insulation, flexible Silicone & PVC compound jacket and a flexible braided outer sleeve. Between the shield and the cable jacket there is a layer of dense Teflon insulation. The cable jacket is  made by flexible silicone compound (the cable tails use a PVC/neoprene compound) and it offers enhanced protection to the cable.  Finally the cable is finished with a soft multi filament braid. The outer sleeve offers substantial protection against abrasion. It is extremely flexible with a soft texture. Overall a very robust but light and flexible construction that beyond the outstanding conductors it employs the most suitable dielectrics.

The cable is available with a separate ground lead at the RCA end or with a dual ground for both the pre-amp and turntable chassis. The ground lead is terminated to gold plated spade connectors (ring terminal or banana  plug is also available upon request).

At the pre-amp / amp end the cable can be terminated with a wide range of RCA, XLR, BNC, DIN and TRS connectors.

This cable uses some of the highest quality materials available and its  construction and finish requires a significant amount of time and much attention. As you can expect the cost of producing such a cable is quite high.  However, we do all we can to keep our prices as close to the actual  costs of production as possible and make it affordable for most of our  customers. So there are no added costs for marketing, administration, 3rd party distribution, fancy packaging etc. We simply offer what we describe; A fast, detailed and flexible cable, highly immune to EMI and  RFI, that can deliver outstanding sonic performance under all  circumstances. This is one of the very few handmade cables offered with a proper shielding as opposed to inferior methods of protection like drain wires and foil screens. In addition to this the high purity of silver used in its construction and professional built and finish will  not be found in any cable in a similar price range.

Until today this low priced phono cable has impressed anyone who has tried it and expected an entry level performance. It has been compared with some of the top cables of the market and surprised with its ability to deliver some of the most demanding recordings in such a natural and detailed manner. And it is hardly believable that it can achieve this at such an attractive selling price.

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