(428Phono Flex version)

Cable geometry: 4-core round LITZ

Conductor Geometry: Solid

Conductor size: 28AWG

Dielectric/Insulation: Air-Teflon

Shield: Silver plated copper braid

Outer Insulation/Jacket: PTFE Teflon, flexible silicone  jacket and silver/grey soft multifilament braided sleeve

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Updated Dec 2018

Although our standard 428Phono is a very flexible cable, we often get requests for slimmer and even more flexible cables that can reach the tonearm base inside suspended turntables where access is very limited and positioning relatively awkward.  Therefore, we developed this special version of our 428Phono. By rearranging the conductor structure for a  portion of the cable at the tonearm end we have managed to preserve the entire shielding continuity while reducing size and increasing flexibility. So this end of the cable now is significantly slimmer, while the original PVC jacket has been replaced with an ultra flexible silicone compound jacket. The outer braided sleeve we use for this version is a very soft and flexible, silver/grey Nylon Multifilament braid. It has very high density and dampening factor and a smooth and silky feel.  

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