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Since the beginning of our involvement with the design of analogue audio cables we have worked to create something unique that will stand out, something that it is here to stay. Our Gaia Litz conductors is the product of this effort. These are the basis to the most perfect conductor formations we have created until today, and their embodiments in our cables have resulted in an unsurpassed sonic performance. The Gaia series has been developed in order to deal with the inherent issues of solid, stranded and traditional Litz wires and set new standards in the performance of high fidelity audio cables. All of our cables in the Gaia series use these state of the art pure silver Litz conductors with solid Teflon insulation, manually extruded on the surface of each of the individual strands inside a single Litz wire. The manual extrusion of the insulation on the surface of the metal produces a thin, airtight film with very low and stable dielectric involvement and outstanding mechanical characteristics. In Effect, this Teflon film replaces the enamel coating found on typical Litz wires. The outer insulation of the Gaia Litz conductors consists of a medium density Teflon dielectric. These unique conductors are designed by ourselves (each of them to match the requirements of the individual cable design) and they are entirely handcrafted in our workshop in Wales. More on GAIA cables

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