Handcrafted Analogue Audio Cables made with Pure OCC Silver GAIA LITZ conductors

Tonearm / Turntable  phono cables

Each Gaia cable is made upon order and it is the product of many hours of  work accomplished over a period of a few days, so that each stage of its construction is properly assessed and executed. Performance, durability and finish are taken to the highest possible level to create a superb cable.

Our Gaia cables contribute in expanding the soundstage in depth rather than simply horizontally / vertically. They are holographic and will deliver more of the 3D elements of the performance. They are characterized by full body and the ability to deliver layering and separation of instruments in an formidable manner. They carry transparency, speed and  dynamics with excellent bass response. Well defined but still natural  with rich and believable midrange and upper bass. Although not strictly clinical, they are unforgiving cables in the sense that they will  not mask detail and likely to expose weaknesses in the system.

Gaia cables will especially reveal their qualities to those who seek a very well  balanced alternative to what most silver cables deliver. Their  performance is not simply focused on delivering clarity, detail, speed  and dynamics but reveals hidden aspects of music that have to do with  the coherence of a recording (I,.e how layering, imaging, ambience and  height are projected in the soundstage).

GAIA Phono    A.k.a. “423.5Phono-Litz Plus”     DIN-RCA & DIN-XLR  versions

GAIA Phono    A.k.a. “423.5Phono-Litz Plus”     RCA-RCA  version

Cable geometry: Star-Quad

Conductor Type/Geometry: LITZ (Gaia Pure OCC silver -Teflon Litz)

Conductor size: 23AWG

Dielectric/Insulation: Teflon (PTFE)

Shield: 2 x dense silver plated copper braids (98% optical coverage each)

Single or dual ground arrangement

Cable jacket: Flexible silicone

Outer braided sleeve: Soft black Multifilament

Diameter of main body - 9mm including outer sleeve

Diameter of cable neck & tails - 7mm

Gaia Tonearm & Turntable phono cables are available in various configurations to match most components using balanced or unbalanced arrangement. These cables can be terminated with DIN, XLR, mini XLR, TS, TRS, RCA, BNC etc in order to suit the requirements of most equipment.

423.5Phono-Litz older versions:

423.5Phono-Litz Classic version

423.5Phono-LitzFLEX” version

423.5Phono-Litz  (RCA-RCA)

For any further information on our cables please feel free to send us an email at info@cabledesigns.co.uk

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