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KLE Innovations - Harmony plugs:

KLEI Harmony Plugs are the next generation of the Eichmann Bullet design. The most notable feature of these plugs is their “single point ground” design where the ground contact on the female socket is achieved by the use of a single pin instead of a metal collar. This approach offers a series of benefits in regards to electron flow by minimising the inductive and capacitive impact of the plug and keeping micro arching to the minimum. Single point ground designs result to numerous other advantages that derive from the architecture of the plug. The ability to control and optimise the mass of the conductive parts of the plug, the reduction of the degree of relaxation of the ground contact (maintaining low contact resistance) thanks to the polymer backing/collar and the ability to make use of copper and silver at a low cost per unit (since only a relatively small conducting mass is required). Keith Louis Eichmann is the inventor of the “Bullet Plug” which introduced the single point ground design, a major innovation in the area of RCA connector design.

KLEI Plugs have moved ahead of the traditional Eichmann Bullet (ETI) by concentrating on aspects of metallurgy with an aim of achieving the highest possible degree of conductivity. The designer has also explored and applied to the plugs his views about the optimal relationship of the signal and ground paths. However, it is important to state here that this “optimal relationship” of the signal and ground pins are based on a “proprietary mathematical modeling” (we know nothing about it). The metal contacts are also created using “high conductivity proprietary metallurgical processes” (no specific information are provided about the composition of the base material). This extensive use of “special” & “proprietary” in KLEI documentation make it impossible to technically assess the KLEI connectors, so one has to simply accept the company’s claims regarding the achieved levels of conductivity (which are based on extrapolation rather than actual measurements). What we can say with certainty is that the conductivity figures given by KLEI are not in reference to the base material of the contact (which would be impossible to reach beyond the 98% of IACS). Most probably KLE assumes that most of the current utilizes the silver plated surface and estimates his figures based on the potential conductivity of the surface material with the actual base material making little difference.

Harmony plugs are very popular products in the high-end cable market and they do have a competitive pricing (especially when compared to expensive connectors that offer no essential advantage other than than a luxurious feel). However, from a design and manufacturing point of view, Harmony Plugs can be seen as having certain limitations (most products would).

Overall, they are a good choice of connectors and they have received extensive, positive feedback by both end users and cable manufacturers. we consider them to be good value for money products - especially the copper based, Classic & Copper Harmony.

However, we should make it clear that they are not suitable for “rough handling” nor ideal for many mating cycles (regular connecting and disconnecting). Also, we would not recommend them for environments with high levels of EMI/RFI and applications that are vulnerable to them (although many of our customers use them throughout their systems reporting excellent results without any issues).

The versions that we typically offer with our cables are the Classic Harmony, the Copper Harmony  and the Pure Harmony. Also, given that the Harmony Plugs are entirely unshielded, upon request, we can offer a custom, shielded version of the Copper Harmony plug using a metal housing with direct connection to the ground.

KLEI Plug structure

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