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WBT NextGen (0110, 0102 & 0114).

The WBT NextGen are the best RCA connectors that are available in the market. They are some of the most expensive ones, too. However, unlike  other examples, you do not simply pay for a brand name but for a unique, innovative design executed at the highest standards, using the best  available materials for the purpose. The NextGen connectors include many features to address any possible aspect of signal transfer and contact  effectiveness.

Although WBT connectors are mostly known for the locking barrel, the NextGen line of connectors feature a completely different design approach to the 1st generation of brass WBT connectors. The NextGen RCAs fall in the category of  “single point ground” connectors. Although they have many differences to the examples mentioned above, they share similar design principles in regards to their low mass and ground contact on a single point. However, the NextGen are far more complex products, with each plug made up of multiple, precision designed and engineered parts, to achieve functions that most end users have very little awareness of. For a better understanding of the NextGen design and principles it is best if we refer you to the relevant sections of their website:

NextGen Technology external link to WBT website 

WBT NextGen all
NextGen internal

The main NextGen models by WBT are the 0110, 0102 and the 0114. They are all available in a pure copper (gold plated) and pure silver versions. You can check the specific information for each model from the following links. Here we will simply highlight some of the major differences between the 3 models.  The 0110 is a low mass design with plastic body and a lightweight magnesium alloy locking barrel. This is the connector with the least capacitive and inductive impact and it is free from Eddy currents. It is also highly suitable for digital connections since it can maintain the 75Ohm characteristic impedance required. On the other hand, the shielding effectiveness of the plug is not as high as the other models, since the outer barrel remains “un-grounded” and acts as a shield only by reflection.

The 0102, is a plug with a full metal body (which is isolated from the central and ground pins). The outer barrel is made of a copper alloy and it offers full shielding via a connection to the ground.  Al thought the connector is still very low on Eddy currents and capacitance their presence is higher than on the 0110 model. The basic design of the 0114 stands between the other two models. With a plastic body and a grounded outer brass barrel it combines qualities of both 0110 and 0102.


WBT 0110Ag: description , data sheet 

WBT 0101Cu: description , data sheet

WBT 0102 Ag: description , data sheet

WBT 0102Cu: description , data sheet

WBT 0114Ag: description , data sheet

WBT 0114Cu: description , data sheet


WBT NextGen Instruction Manuals:

0110 , 0102 , 0114 

In our opinion the WBT Nextgen are the best RCA connectors available in the market. Taking into consideration the design, selection of materials, tolerances and build quality no other RCA plug can achieve the potential of Nextgen connectors. On the other hand it is down to ones personal opinion whether their high price is justified by evident improvements in overall the sonic presentation. Objectively, a connector can achieve a certain (optimal) electrical performance. (i.e. high conductivity materials, minimal contact resistance, low eddy currents, low capacitance, shielding etc). Once these characteristics are achieved there is very little that can be offered by further improvements. However, WBT goes a step further and offers a product where some small, less obvious, details make it stand out. Ie. The pure silver contacts are finished with a platinum layer to ensure hat the actual conductor will stay free from oxide build up and mechanical wear; on the 0110 the anodized housing (although it clamps the ground contact) it remains electrically isolated by it; the “Z split” on the central pin acts as a spring that adjusts to the tolerance of the mating socket and further minimises contact resistance. Overall, my point is that WBT Nextgen, deserve their reputation (and cost) as products of very high specifications. However, if one takes into consideration only the sonic performance, I believe that less expensive alternatives can prove themselves very worthy competitors.

WBT NextGen are the only RCA connectors that manage to combine the use of  pure copper and pure silver base metal with minimal contact resistance for a very long period of time and with many more life cycles than any other pure copper or silver RCA. This characteristic alone allows them to stand out of any competition.

However, as mentioned above, “better connectors” does not necessarily translates into some instantaneous, audible improvement. Their very high build quality, the innovative design, their finish with tight tolerances and the good selection of materials are features that will ensure a consistent performance over a long period of time.

Some further advantages in comparison to other single point ground RCAs are that WBT connectors offer are better shielded (especially the 0102) and their locking mechanism provides minimum contact resistance on the signal ground without risking mechanical wear on the RCA socket and on the connector contact itself. However, their added cost - in my opinion - is unlikely to be justified by a direct comparison in terms of merely audible differences.


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