Yannis Tome Audio Cable Designs

All of our handmade cables are constructed using pure Silver & pure copper wires. We do not use plated conductors or alloys (only our cable shields are made of silver plated OFC copper). The wires we use are produced using Ohno Continuous Casting (OCC). These are the best available conductors based on their electrical, mechanical and chemical characteristics. However, we do not want to make any silly claims when it comes to the performance of the cables. OCC wires do not guarantee a good performing cable; they are simply an ideal ingredient. There are some excellent cables made of standard OFC copper that will outperform many OCC copper or silver cables.

From our point of view our choice was simple. The wires we use are the best option. When it comes to the economy of the cable design, OCC wires are significantly more expensive. However, the cost of the conductors (being OCC Silver or OCC copper) represents only a relatively small proportion of the actual costs of production of any of our handcrafted cables. So choosing the best available material for the specific cable design was an easy choice to make. We design, craft and sell audio cables. We do not sell silver or copper; so if you expect that the value of a cable is down to these materials, most certainly you are paying a very high price for them. If you simply want a pure silver cable, please, just ask and we can twist or braid some silver for you at a lower cost than that of our cables (or we can recommend you companies who do this kind of job) - I am confident that such cable will have a very “open and detailed” sound :-)

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